Komitet Narodowy ds. Współpracy z Międzynarodową Unią Nauk Żywieniowych
w związku ze śmiercią profesora Nevina Scrimshaw
przesłał list do Prezydenta IUNS profesora Ibrahima Elmadfy
Komitet Narodowy ds. Współpracy z Międzynarodową Unią Nauk Żywieniowych

Warsaw, 2013-02-28


Prof. Ibrahim Elmadfa
President of IUNS
Institute of Nutritional Sciences
University of Vienna
Althanstrasse 14 (Pharmaziezentrum)
A-1090 Vienna, Austria

 Dear President of IUNS,

 Our IUNS Committee in Poland is deeply saddened by message on the death of Professor Nevin Scrimshaw, great worldwide known scientist in nutrition and our friend. We had many many contacts with Nevin when He was at MIT in Boston, as well as when he became the President of IUNS. Several Polish nutritionists were supported by his friendly attitude offering help or training to present professors: Stanislaw Berger, Andrzej Pronczuk, Anna Gronowska-Senger and several other Polish scientists.

We had also a great pleasure to invite Him as a plenary speaker during 5th Conference of FENS in Warsaw when He delivered lecture: “Importance of international cooperation in nutrition research” published in the book “Nutritional sciences for human health” edited in London (Berger, Gronowska-Senger, Ziemlanski) 1988.

We will always keep Nevin in our memory as a great scientist and friendly person and it was a great honour to have Him among us.

      Honorary President                                                  President
Prof. dr hab. Stanislaw Berger           Prof. dr hab. Anna Gronowska-Senger